About Us

The Jesters Story

The Jesters Jaffle Pie Company opened its first store in Mt Claremont, Western Australia in 1997 on the philosophy of producing…

The finest quality most delicious pies available in the marketplace!

This commitment to quality, taste, health and freshness led to the development of a unique way of cooking our pies. Jesters Pies are not oven baked and reheated like a lot of pies but cooked fresh in store in our unique Jaffle irons using ultra thin puff pastry and the highest quality ingredients.

We've come a long way since 1997, but the way we cook our pies fresh in store throughout the day hasn't changed - it's how we guarantee our customers supreme taste and freshness.

The fillings in Jesters Pies contain only low fat, lean meats and fresh garden vegetables. You’ll find the chunky beef and chicken used in Jesters Pies is virtually fat free, having been carefully diced from prime quality meats. Of course we don’t use artificial flavourings and our diverse menu has a pie for everyone… from the classic Ned Kelly featuring 100% Margaret River Black Angus Beef to chicken, beef and vegetarian options made from exotic recipes from around the world.

Jesters is more than just great pies, so make sure you try our World’s Best Chips, barista crafted coffees, premium sausage rolls, fresh baguettes and toasted flatinis.

What makes Jesters Pies so special?

  • Super fresh! Hand made on the premises throughout the day.
  • Made with fresh, high quality, local, natural ingredients.
  • Bursting with chunks of lean, quality meats.
  • Free of artificial flavourings.
  • Made using a thin, light pastry from first milled flour.
  • Made in our unique Jaffle Pie Makers.
  • So tasty you won't be able to resist another!